✔   Enhanced gut health

✔   Healthy Weight & Digestion

✔   Help with skin trouble

✔   Boost immunity

✔   Mental clarity & Sleep

1 bottle is good for

✔   Breakfast Cleanse - 2-4 weeks

✔   1-Day Cleanse - 3-4 times

✔   3-Day Cleanse - 1 program


The Leading Way To Improve Your Gut Health

R's KOSO - Made from 100+ Vegetables, Fruits, rich in Pre+Pro+Postbiotics*The taste like Sweet Japanese plum juice. We recommend mix with sparkling water. It's going to be Plum Flavor Postbiotic Soda.

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The Leading Way To Improve Your Gut Health

My Review of R's Koso

R's Koso is a Japanese drink made by fermented raw vegetables and fruits. This dark colored liquid product uses the enzymes of the ingredients and bacteria and the microorganisms themselves in the fermentation process. A short list of some of the ingredients may include fruits vegetables, seaweeds and mushrooms. Basically it's made in the same way that miso and soy sauce are made. The ingredients are mixed with selected microbes including bacteria and fungi.


Fermentation is allowed to occur for a certain period of time (most reports say about one year) during which the ingredients undergo chemical changes to form prebiotics. Some forms of Koso are dried others are thick pastes, some are liquid. The manufacturer boasts that this product's prebiotic effects of KOSO include less inflammation of the intestine, improved digestion, a better ability to resist disease-causing bacteria and fungi reduced body fat clear skin reduced allergies better control of diabetes and a healthier immune system overall. These claims have not been verified by the FDA, but most of the reviews I have read about this product seem to follow a pattern indicating it is good for the gut flora and overall intestinal health. 


In Japan there are several Koso's available. Our KOSO is a hundred percent natural vegan and non-GMO. R's Koso comes in concentrated form that is easy to take because it has a pleasant sweet flavor and can be easily mixed with water or seltzer water it has a high prebiotic content. There are several ways of using are Koso so probably the two most common ways is first as a daily supplement without fasting or secondly during fasting cleanse. I drank this stuff for a solid week. I had a glass for breakfast and another glass at dinner. it is difficult for me to explain how I felt better, but the difference was VERY noticeable. The best description I can give is that I felt an energy and lightness that came from the inside out. It was like I could tell my gut was working better. I know this because I started having regular bowel movements twice daily. 

If the price for this stuff doesn't scare you away, I would highly recommend it.