The Importance of Creating a Lifestyle plan to Loose weight and live healthier

Along with a sensible diet, or as a 10-Day Detox, a regimen of body cleansing will help you feel better, loose weight, improve your energy, and strengthen your immune system.

If you are seriously considering a lifestyle change that includes eating healthier and loosing a few (or a lot of) unwanted pounds, you need a well thought out plan. When I decided to get serious about my health, I tried to do it the "old school" way by limiting my caloric intake, eating salads, getting some exercise and drinking lots of water. Well, that worked for me when I was in my twenties, but now that I'm well over 50, I have to consider other factors like a naturally slower metabolism, hormone changes, joints that could not take running 10 miles followed by weight training. Not only am I not able to be on that kind of regimen, I don't even want to! Over the years, I have gotten to know my body - what it's capable of and what it is NOT capable of. As I mentioned above, I simply cannot go out and run 10 miles at a 6 minute mile pace and not expect to injure myself.

“Nowadays, my health regimen includes just as much non physical as physical activity. I think about what I put into my body. I think about I want to feel about myself” And I think about my approach to exercise so I can get the highest benefit from what I am able to do. I plan everything!"

When you take the time to plan your lifestyle change, you will be amazed how at much anxiety is taken out of the air (and you!). The written plan helps you to be intentional and set achievable goals. And as we all know, goals are critically important when trying to loose weight. The real key is consistency. But consistency is difficult if you don't have a goal written down. So write down what you want to achieve and give yourself a definitive time-line for completion with the understanding that by the time you achieve your goal, you will also have crossed the threshold of creating a habit.

Create a Plan and Stick to it!

If you don't have a plan, or don't know where to start with creating one, don't despair! There are lots of resources that can help you. Your plan can consist of a simple tablet or journal - maybe that's all you need. Or, it could be a full-blown program you download from the Internet with meal plans and recipes included. No matter which way you decide to go, a notebook, an app, or a workbook, just go. Get started with whatever you feel comfortable with and get moving! The first month will be the most difficult. But I guarantee that halfway through the first month (if you set a reasonable goal) you will know that goal is achievable and you will ultimately achieve it.

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