Work out at home. Try these two great websites!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Working out at home has been on the rise for years now, but because of the Covid -19 virus, folks have started working out at more more than ever. I have researched all of most popular sites out there and these two premium home workout websites called MIRROR and Les Mills have risen above the rest. They are two of the best home workout websites out there.

Here is what Mirror offers:

EVERY TYPE OF WORKOUT With 50+ different genres, 5-60 minute classes and absolute beginner to advanced levels, we have the perfect class for everyone!

THOUSANDS OF CLASSES Access any class you want from our extensive On-Demand Library, available 24 hours per day.

WEEKLY LIVE CLASSES Join other MIRROR Members and get real-time feedback and personal shout-outs to keep you motivated.

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“I have personally bought a trial of this program and it is absolutely fantastic." -Me.

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Certified trainers from the country's top fitness studios provide motivation and live feedback.


Advanced camera technology and proprietary algorithms deliver in-workout adjustments based on your goals, preferences, and personal profile.


Choose from expertly curated playlists featuring popular music in a variety of genres from rock to pop, or sync with Apple Music and use your own playlists.



Join a Competitive Class and earn points when you hit target heart-rate zones. Try to beat your personal best!


Join programs, share your progress, and invite your friends for a sweat date!


Track your workouts, heart-rate, calories and more via your personal performance dashboard.

Les Mills is a great program to work out at home. These guys are incredible! Their On-Demand program allows you to access their website, login and start working out with some of the worlds best fitness trainers. Their program costs $14.99 per month with no sign up fee.

About LES MILLS ON DEMAND: Their tag-line is "Taking Fitness to the Next Level"

Variety: There are SO many types of workouts, from strength training, to high-intensity interval training, to dance, to cycling, to yoga — all available in one place. The programs include: BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT, BODYFLOW/BODYBALANCE, Les Mills Barre, Les Mills Yoga, CXWORX, Les Mills GRIT Series (Cardio, Strength and Plyo), Les Mills Dance (BODYJAM), Sh’Bam (another dance one), BODYSTEP, Born to Move, RPM and Les Mills Sprint.

Short workouts: There are a bunch of 15 to 25 minute workouts to choose from, which is awesome. When you’re working out at home, and you’re very busy, time matters. I love that Les Mills On Demand packages up shorter workouts, so you can feel worked and accomplished in a short amount of time. This is where it’s different from what you’d find in a live setting, sometimes you’ll see an “Express” 30-minute Les Mills class, but Les Mills On Demand shortens the workouts even more, and that’s a major PRO! Yes, technically you could stop a workout class before it ends, but that doesn’t make you feel good. The fact that these programs are cut and pasted to be a complete short workout is a huge win for the service.

Combo workouts: Another huge benefit is the fact that Les Mills does the hard work for you and puts together pieces of work from DIFFERENT programs into combo classes. I LOVE this feature, because you get full-body or body-part focused workouts, in a short amount of time, combining different modalities. This is also unique to Les Mills On Demand and not often found in a live gym setting. You can find a Strength/Stretch 15-minute BODYATTACK session or even a BODYCOMBAT/Les Mills Yoga 1-hour session and much more.

Quality music and instruction: Les Mills just does it better. The music is always good, the moves go to the beat, the instructors are top notch, the coaching is spot on, and the programs are just QUALITY. Because the classes on Les Mills On Demand are mostly the same ones that are being delivered in a live setting all over the world, they are safe (mostly), effective and enjoyable for people, even at home all alone.

Workout schedules: Now here’s something extra about this service — Les Mills put together workout calendars, under a tab called “Schedules” showing you sample plans for how to schedule your week. I like this a lot. I didn’t use them, but from a preview, they incorporate cardio, strength and stretching each week, which everyone should aim for. The plans start from very basic if you are just getting going with exercise, called “Learn the Basics” all the way to super advanced, called “Unleashed.” This is a big selling point for someone who needs help in this area.

Beginner workouts and tutorials: There are streaming videos where Les Mills trainers and program directors tell you exactly how to do moves that you will see in Les Mills workouts. This is something that live participants don’t have the chance to see, and it’s absolutely essential. This is a major win for the service.

Access: Les Mills On Demand gives people access to the beauty of Les Mills workouts, even if they don’t go to a gym where Les Mills has live group fitness classes licensed. This is a big PRO. We want more people moving and enjoying their workouts.

This a sample video I downloaded from You Tube. The workout is called "Body Pump"

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